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WeBalloonz Masterclass x Marquee Rental Co.

Get 30% Off All Our Rental Props

To Access This Special Discount,

Please Complete This Short Survey.

Your Input Is Valuable To Us.

To take advantage of the discount all businesses must be registered by submitting their details using the link below.

Terms of Discount:

* Applicable to your next booking with only.

*Automatically access our 20% off stylist program.

* Minimum order of $200 on Marquee props, excluding delivery fees and HST per order.

* Discount not applicable on delivery fees.

* Marquee Rental Co. must be credited on any social media posts of the props hired.

* We reserve the right to repost the images.

* Discount not valid with any already packaged items or deals.



"The stylist discount will only be applied to orders with a minimum spend of $200 excluding delivery fees. I agree to credit Marquee Rental Co. on social media posts of the props rented. Marquee Rental Co. reserves the right to use the images to promote and advertise the setup and props. This discount is not valid with any other offer."

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